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Insert your ARK Amount or your ARK Address (eg. AevZkpFxvmG3AoKV1cJwT5HkJYW3xSnSvH) into the field, press calculate and get real time data.

Don't forget to check the "min Payout" to be sure when you receive profit from that delegate. The amount you will receive may differ from this calculation! Be sure to check out the delegate informations before you vote your delegate and check if you'll receive profit depending on the delegate requirements.

We don't have information about all delegates and there are many special requirements any delegate has by his own. We need the input from the delegate owner to keep this calculator always up to date. Due to this the calculated profit can be incorrect.

Explanation of table columns:

Your amount: Ѧ0.00000000

Rank Name Ѧ Daily Profit Your weight Ѧ Weekly Profit Ѧ Monthly Profit Ѧ Yearly Profit Payout Percent Ѧ Share Amount Ѧ Total Votes Ѧ Excluded Votes Payout Frequency (Days) Ѧ min Payout Ѧ min Vote Amount Ѧ max Vote Amount Ѧ max daily Payout running Balance Covering TX Fee Detail page